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We've all heard the saying "if you play with fire, you get burned."

Here's a video that goes to prove that...

An arsonist was caught on surveillance camera attempting to torch a barbershop in Madisonville, Kentucky, accidentally setting himself ablaze in the process.

Police said two suspected arsonists in a white Ford minivan pulled in the back of the business Sunday morning.

The video shows a woman shatter a window before a man emerges from the vehicle with what appear to be two lit Molotov cocktails.

When the man tosses the second one into the building, he is doused with the back-splash of the burning fluid.

As flames climb up his leg, he runs off in a panic, disappearing from camera as he rolls around on a nearby lawn.

He returns to the building - minus one burned shoe - and pours a bottle of accelerant on the flames, before he and the woman flee the scene in the minivan.

Police released the video Monday hoping someone would be able to identify the suspects.

Watch the full surveillance video below.

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