Hillary Clinton has surged ahead of Donald Trump in the past few weeks, including in the reliably-red state of Georgia. 

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll last week showed Clinton up 44-40% on Trump in the Peach State, while another poll today gave Clinton a seven-point advantage.

Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama by 8 points in 2012 in Georgia.

Other polls of key states are showing a similar trend away from Trump, including in Florida.

Gerald F. Seib, Washington bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal, said the Florida number should be most concerning to the Trump campaign. 

"For me, it's hard to put together the electoral college map that wins for Trump without Florida," he explained.

Seib did note, however, that Trump should be able to win back support from his core supporters: white males and non-college educated voters.

Meantime, pollster Nate Silver puts Clinton's chances of winning at near 80%.