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Greg Gutfeld went off on Piers Morgan today for Morgan's reaction to American Ginny Thrasher winning the first gold medal of the Rio Olympics in the women's 10-meter air rifle event.

Morgan, a well-known gun control advocate, tweeted that he wasn't surprised an American did well in a "shooting" event.

Gutfeld said that Morgan is a "troll" who will do anything for attention, including linking a 19-year-old Olympian's achievement to gun violence.

Gutfeld said that Morgan holds the "typical elitist" view of guns, which is that only idiots have them and they use them to murder other people.

Gutfeld pointed to a major study that found a different cause of mass gun violence: widespread news coverage that rewards mass shooters' quest for fame.

"So, Piers needs to get over Ginny and his dangerous obsession with guns. In life, there are winners and losers. We know what side Ginny's on. And Piers - as always - is on the other side, bitterly biting his stiff upper lip."

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