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Evan McMullin, a #NeverTrump Republican, has announced he's running for president as an independent.

In a "Kelly File" exclusive tonight, McMullin said that he believes both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are "woefully unprepared" and "woefully unfit" to be commander-in-chief.

"Our country is desperate for a new generation of leadership," McMullin said. "There's just a lot of frustration out there."

Despite his late entry in the race, McMullin said he expects to find a way on most states' ballots and he hopes to have a real chance to win in November.

He acknowledged that the timing is not ideal, but he believes he still offers a "credible alternative" to both candidates, especially for people on the right who don't really believe Trump is a conservative.

"Donald Trump keeps saying terrible things that alienate large swaths of the population," McMullin said. "He's wholly unfit. I think, in fact, he's dangerous to the country."

"The idea that Donald Trump is a conservative is a complete farce. He is a con man who pretends to be a conservative."

Watch the exclusive "Kelly File" interview above.

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