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Donald Trump is trying out a new line of attack on his rival in the presidential race: "Unstable" Hillary Clinton.

At a campaign rally yesterday in Windham, New Hampshire, Trump portrayed Clinton as "totally unbalanced."

"'Unstable' Hillary, she lacks the judgment, temperament and moral character to lead this country," Trump said at the rally. "She is a totally unhinged person.”

The Republican presidential nominee particularly focused on Clinton saying she "short-circuited" while attempting to clarify her conflicting statements about her private email server.

"She took a little short-circuit in the brain, she has problems," Trump said. "I think the people of this country don’t want somebody who’s going to short-circuit up here."

"She is a horrible, horrible human being. She’s incompetent and I don’t think that you can even think of allowing this woman to become the president of United States."

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" co-hosts react above.

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