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Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson joined Howard Kurtz on "MediaBuzz" to blast the media for their biased coverage of the Republican presidential nominee.

Pierson said that Trump's rough week of press coverage can be attributed somewhat to several missteps on his part, but more so to the liberal leanings of much of the mainstream media.

"The media is not even trying to hide it at this point," Pierson said. "It's very obvious now, and the left is not even trying to hide it."

She added that Trump has been in the public eye for decades, but only now that he's making a legitimate run at the White House does the press coverage become overwhelmingly negative.

"Just all of a sudden he's 'crazy' and 'unhinged' and 'racist,' that's not how it works," Pierson said. "And the people know that."

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