'Daily Caller' Editor: Hillary Just 'Gift-Wrapped the Weekend' for Trump

Krauthammer: Iran Payment Was Done Gangster-Style, Because It Was Ransom

Today on America's Election HQ, Greta Van Susteren took apart President Obama's claim that the $400 million payment to Iran was not ransom.

She said that in order to believe the cash delivery was not ransom, you'd have to also believe that Iran just suddenly decided to release four American hostages.

"I mean, of course it was a quid pro quo. It was a ransom. And the troubling thing, of course, is that the president won't admit that it was a ransom."

She said that when Obama hasn't been transparent about the ransom business, it's hard to accept his explanation for why they also used hard non-U.S. currency.

"We need more from him," she said.

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