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When it comes to Pokemon Go, we thought we had heard it all.

Apparently not.

The University of Idaho is offering a for-credit "Pop Culture Games" course, in which Pokemon Go will be a focus.

The course is set to open next fall under the university's Department of Movement Science, and will count toward students' physical education requirement.

It is designed to teach students about living active lifestyles, teamwork and exploring their communities, according to instructor Steven Bird.

“This app does more than let you shoot a Pokeball. You get to adventure around, seeing different things, being active, seeing the sun. It allows you to move in large groups and a team. You get not only physical activity, but you also get team-building and leadership," Bird said in a statement.

“It’s a great way to engage youth through adults, and a great way to engage families in active games together. Our interest is to turn folks onto an active lifestyle, and that can be achieved in endless ways,” Movement Sciences department chair Philip Scruggs said.

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