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Former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens won the Republican nomination for governor of Missouri earlier this week, perhaps thanks to his "high-caliber" campaign ads.

Greitens, who previously made headlines by printing out "ISIS hunting permits," is drawing national attention for his very appropriately titled ad "Big Guns."

The 30-second video shows Greitens firing what appears to be a Gatling-style machine gun into a lake, while a voiceover declares that he will "fight politics as usual," "reduce spending," "create jobs," "protect life," "defend the Second Amendment" and "fight Obama’s democrat machine and their corrupt attacks."

Greitens had previously released another ad, again very appropriately named "Taking Aim," which shows him firing an assault rifle while laying out his agenda of "taking dead aim at politics as usual."

In November, Greitens will go up against Democratic nominee Chris Koster, who is currently serving as Missouri's attorney general.

As the race heats up, we can only hope that Greitens treats us to more gun-blazing campaign ads.

Watch the "Red Eye" panel react below.

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