Obama to Press Corps: We Announced Iran Payments in January, to All of You!

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Charles Krauthammer reacted to President Obama's press conference in which he said the $400 million payment to Iran wasn't ransom, or done in a secret or shady way.

He also responded to the report that American hostages weren't allowed to take off from Iran until another plane arrived.

Krauthammer said the hostages had to wait for the ransom to arrive - "that's what happens when you ransom a hostage."

"Look, for them to try to pretend this was anything other than a ransom is laughable, and I think it hurts their credibility," he said.

He responded to President Obama saying that they couldn't wire the money because of sanctions that were in place.

"Well, that means because they were actually going around the law, going around sanctions, and they had to do it illicitly, clandestinely, at night, the way it's done by gangsters. That's because they were doing ransom - they didn't want anyone to know and they had to go around the law and the Congress. The Congress didn't know.

"No, this is not old news. This is new news, and it's highly embarrassing."

But Krauthammer gave the president for his skill in making it all sound "completely natural."

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