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An African-American gun rights advocate is going viral for a powerful National Rifle Association ad.

"To all those who have called me a sellout, an Uncle Tom or a pawn for someone else, here's what should scare you: I never changed my beliefs," Antonia Okafor says in the ad. "You don't speak for me and you don't think for me. I am not the victim you need me to be. And I'm talking to more women like me every single day."

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Okafor said that she used to be a Democrat, but she switched her political affiliation to Republican, because she believes in the party that defends conservative values and the Second Amendment.

"I realized that, at the heart of it, I'm a conservative and I've always been a conservative," Okafor explained.

"I believe that there should be liberty and freedom for all, regardless of your race or your gender," Okafor said. "I'm not going to be put into a box when it comes to that."

"I want to make sure that people can think for themselves. And that includes me as a black woman."

Watch more above, and see Okafor's NRA ad below.

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