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Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) says there's "no question" that a $400 million cash transfer to Iran that coincided with the release of four Iranian-held U.S. hostages was a ransom.

"This was definitely a ransom or a bribe, if you'd prefer to call it that," Peters said, calling it a "sweetener" that the Obama administration threw in to get the Iranian nuclear deal through and the American detainees released.

He said that this actually encourages people to take more Americans prisoner, as it sets a precedent.

"It just plain stinks," Peters said.

He accused the Obama administration of being "profoundly dishonest" throughout this process, likening it to the Bowe Bergdahl deal.

"If this was all perfectly honest, why was it done in the dead of night with an unmarked cargo plane in Swiss franc and euros to avoid, to get around the U.S. law that you can't traffic with Iran in dollars?" Peters said. "It smells to high heaven. But it's business as usual for the Obama administration."

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