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A parade in an Iowa town featured Uncle Sam towing a jail cell with Hillary Clinton inside.

Water balloons were handed out to children and other parade-watchers for them to lob at a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit wearing a Hillary mask.

The impersonator stood inside a chain link enclosure with barbed wire on top and a "Hillary for Prison" sign on the side. 

The parade was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the town of Arcadia's Fire Department and designed by resident Kyle Mulin and a couple of his friends, who say they aren't affiliated with any political organizations.

Julin said all the feedback he received was positive.

“Even the police and everybody was positive about it, especially on social media,” he told The Daily Times Herald. “We couldn’t get pictures with some people because of where they work and their political agendas. But, only one group booed us. My consensus from that was 99 percent to 1 percent liked it.”

The Carroll County Democrats, however, weren't so happy with the display, and a few other spectators said it was inappropriate or "a bit too much."

The Chairman of the County Republicans, meanwhile, who shared pictures of the display on social media, said he wouldn't have made it himself, but could "certainly understand some frustrations from people over all the illegal things (Clinton) has done."

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