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Could the United States be on the receiving end of a worldwide pandemic?

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal on the planet and are responsible for spreading diseases worldwide. With the summer mosquito season reaching its peak in the U.S., the Zika virus has become a threat. While the symptoms may be minor for most, they can be devastating for some and no one is immune.

In the Fox News Reporting special "ZIKA" anchored by Trace Gallagher, Fox News reports from Africa, where the disease was first discovered over 60 years ago; and from Brazil, where last year’s outbreak has now spread throughout South and Central America and the Caribbean.

Now, there is concern that athletes and spectators returning from the Rio Olympics will bring the virus into the U.S.

Federal health experts tell FNR how to prevent this disease and protect those most at risk… pregnant women.

And in a Fox News exclusive, Dr. Manny Alvarez describes his delivery of the first baby born in America with Zika virus-linked microcephaly - the congenital abnormality that inhibits the growth of a baby’s brain during pregnancy. Dr. Manny cautions expectant mothers about traveling to the affected areas.

Today on America's Election HQ, Dr. Manny talked about the heartbreaking process of treating a baby born with Zika-linked microcephaly.

Remember to tune into the Fox News Reporting special, "ZIKA," on Saturday at 8:00p ET and on Sunday at 10:00p ET on Fox News Channel!