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Hillary Clinton claims that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee's emails to help Donald Trump in the 2016 race, but a NSA whistleblower disagrees with her assertion.

Former NSA official William Binney, an architect of the agency's surveillance program, says that it is more likely that a disgruntled member of the U.S. intelligence community leaked the emails.

On "Fox and Friends" this morning, Binney said that accusing the Russians is a way of diverting attention from the actual issues that the emails bring to light.

Binney also revealed some information related to the Clinton's highly controversial private email server: the NSA has a database that likely has all of Clinton’s deleted emails, and the FBI could access them if it wanted to.

He explained that the agency has access to "sophisticated, searchable databases" to track down terrorists, which essentially means that they can track everyone's emails.

That means that not only do they have access to Clinton's emails - deleted or not - but they could find out who hacked and leaked the DNC emails, if they actually wanted to.

"All of that is available in the network log," Binney said. "All they'd have to do is go in the network log and see who was accessing it. The IP addresses and all the MAC numbers coming in tell you the devices and where they are in the world."

"So, you can look around and see who really did it. And that's what they need to prove. They haven't done that yet. That's the point."

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