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Tonight on Special Report, Bret Baier pressed Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon over the Clinton Foundation and reports that it was being investigated by the FBI or IRS.

Fallon said that reporting is "baseless" and that the foundation has been “unfairly the subject of many partisan attacks.”

Braier also asked why Bill Clinton's speaking fees rose dramatically while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state and if it could be that donor nations expected "something in return."

Fallon said that donors were subject to a strict vetting process and that there hadn't been a "shred of evidence" that any actions were taken by the State Department because of any speech given by the former president.

He responded to a final question from Baier about the disclosure of donors, saying that the foundation has gone "above and beyond the legal requirements."

He added that prior to this campaign, the foundation was "widely praised by Republicans left and right," including Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina.

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