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Rudy Giuliani said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that Donald Trump could have better handled his controversial back-and-forth with the Muslim parents of a fallen U.S. soldier.

After Khizr and Ghazala Khan appeared at the DNC, Trump responded by criticizing Ghazala's silence and suggesting she wasn't allowed to speak. He later claimed that Khizr "viciously attacked" him with his convention remarks.

Giuliani said that despite Trump's misstep, at least he didn't lie to the families of fallen Americans, the way Hillary Clinton allegedly did following the Benghazi terror attack.

"My advice for Donald would be very simple," Giuliani said. "You have one person to attack: Hillary Clinton."

"Let all of us - myself, Gingrich, Christie, his whole army - let us attack everybody else. That's always been my rule in politics, which is, you run against one person. Don’t run against the world."

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