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Ivanka Trump went On the Record in a wide-ranging exclusive interview, commenting on the extremes of her father's presidential run.

"There is tremendous scrutiny, there is viciousness, but there is also amazing love and support. So it's these extremes that are remarkable," she said.

Ivanka said that one of the most incredible things about the campaign journey has been seeing her father fill arenas all over the country with "people who are so hopeful and excited and passionate about the message he has for them, and about his ability to fulfill their hopes for this country."

Ivanka said that the attacks on her father are probably harder on her than they are on him. She said she can handle differences of opinion, but has a hard time dealing with "labeling," "accusations," and things she knows to be false.

"I try to read the papers less in terms of their editorializing," she said.

Ivanka also commented on her friendship with Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill and Hillary, calling her a "good friend."

"We support each other. We are not the candidates. We're the children of the candidates, and we both respect our parents."

She continued: "We never talked about politics before this campaign, and I think it's probably a good topic for us to avoid talking about now as well."

She said she'd "absolutely" still be friends with Chelsea after the campaign.

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