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During an exclusive On the Record interview, Greta Van Susteren asked Ivanka Trump if she would ever want to run for office now that she's seen what it's like for her father.

"Oh gosh, I don't think so," Ivanka said. "It is whew, it's tough."

But she said that her father's campaign has given her an appreciation for the ability to cause change at the highest level, adding that there are certain issues she's "so passionate about as a woman in the workforce."

"But running for office is not something I want to be doing, no" she said, with a laugh.

"My father always taught me to never say never, but the last time I said 'No, but never say never' the headline was 'Ivanka Wants to Run for Office.' I'm just going to give you a no. But it's been inspiring to see what he's been able to do."

Watch the clip above.

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