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The revelation that the Democratic National Committee’s server may not have been hacked by Russia but by a disgruntled member of the U.S. intelligence community is a sign of how much anxiety about Hillary Clinton there is in that community, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Fox and Friends" this morning.

Judge Napolitano said that intelligence officials are particularly upset that the classified information Clinton handled with "extreme carelessness" contained the identities of undercover agents.

"This is the belief of a lot of people in the intelligence community," he said. "If Mrs. Clinton does become president of the United States, she's going to have a lot of antipathy towards her by people in the intelligence community. This is the tip of the iceberg."

Judge Napolitano said that, according to NSA whistleblower William Binney, a "critical mass" of the 60,000 NSA agents and contractors "fear Mrs. Clinton's presidency."

It only takes one disgruntled employee to hack and leak classified information, Judge Napolitano said, pointing out that's exactly what happened with Edward Snowden.

He noted that Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, which released the damning DNC emails, has said they have more emails that could be damaging to Democratic Party leaders, including Clinton.

"This could become a campaign issue," Judge Napolitano said. "Look at what they did to Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They know exactly the perfect timing to release these materials."

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