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Apple is replacing its controversial pistol emoji with a water gun.

In the next version of Apple's iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 10, the black and silver revolver is out and a green and orange squirt gun is in.

This change comes as the debate over gun control in America rages on.

The iOS 10 update is expected to be released in September.

On "Mornings With Maria" today, David Webb said this change makes no sense.

"If a kid takes a Pop-Tart and bites it in the shape of a gun and gets suspended, how is that different than a green emoji?" Webb wondered. "It's ridiculous."

Michael Block said that Apple is trying to act as an arbiter for everything in our society, from privacy to gun rights.

"They're rewriting the Bill of Rights, so they look cool," Block said. "This is what they do."

See more reaction from the "Mornings With Maria" panel above.

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