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Dr. Sebastian Gorka says that ISIS is targeting the Rio Olympics and "it's more than just hypothetical."

On "Varney & Co." today, Gorka pointed out that Brazilian authorities have arrested at least a dozen individuals with links to ISIS in recent weeks.

"ISIS has said in their publications and is explicit, 'Look for high concentrations of unarmed civilians.' Well, it doesn't get more highly concentrated than an Olympic event," Gorka said. "So this is something the Brazilians have to take desperately seriously."

He said that Brazil's intelligence officials and security forces are top notch, but the question is if they have the manpower to secure all the possible targets at such a huge event.

"Only one guy has to slip through," Gorka said. "If you look at the Olympic Games, if you look at the penetration, the focus of ISIS on Latin America in their publications, it's just too attractive. It's simply such a seductive soft target."

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