A Texas wedding photographer celebrated her grandparents' long and loving marriage with a beautifully-staged photo shoot.

It's clear from the playful, loving photos of Billie Wanda and Joe Ray Johnson that the light of their love hasn't dimmed a bit in more than 60 years of marriage!

Shalyn Nelson took the photos of the happily-in-love couple on their ranch in Jewett, Texas, where they've worked their entire lives, she told ABC News.

She took the photos back in November 2014 to celebrate their 63rd anniversary. They've now been married 65 years, and are still very much in love.

She gave her grandmother a total make-over, complete with new gown, professional make-up and hair-styling for the special occasion. She also had her grandparents write love letters to each other, which were incorporated into some of the photos.

"It was literally the best day ever," she said. "I remember I got really watery-eyed and I had to take a minute to just soak this in because it meant just so much to me."

"It was so awesome seeing them so excited and flirting. They just looked so in love," she added. "My grandfather said, 'Shalyn, this is the most action I've gotten in a long time.' I said, 'You're welcome, Papa. That's what granddaughters are for.'"