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Dana Perino said there were "a thousand and one ways" Donald Trump could have responded to the Khan family about the death of their son, "but he chose the one way to crap all over them."

She criticized Trump for accusing others of making a story out of the controversy, saying that it was Trump who made it into a "five-day story."

"He's facing the weakest Democratic candidate in a generation, and he's like a wrecking ball of his own campaign, forcing other Republicans and his supporters to have to twist themselves into knots," Perino said today on The Five.

She said that Trump cannot afford to alienate members of the military or conservatives who were still hesitant to support the Republican nominee.

"But then something like this is so despicable." Perino said.

She said that Trump should have followed Hillary Clinton's example when Clinton's campaign chose not to respond to harsh criticism at the RNC by the mother of a Benghazi victim, Patricia Smith.

"That would have been better for Donald Trump and certainly for the Khan family, and I apologize to you. I feel terrible for what you've been through."

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