Gingrich: 'How Come Hillary Doesn't Owe the Whole Country an Apology?'

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On Friday, the Commerce Department reported U.S. economic growth is tracking at 1 percent this year, the weakest start to a year since 2011 and the worst economic recovery since 1949.

That report came two days after President Obama touted the country's economic rebound in his DNC speech.

In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly said "President Obama can say anything he wants, trot out any stats he wants. But the reality is we are living in a country that today has 1 percent economic growth."

O'Reilly said that Obama firmly believes that he has saved America from a second Great Depression.

"But that kind of conjecture means nothing to people who are struggling to pay their bills."

He said that if Clinton repudiates any of Obama's policies on economy, terrorism or immigration, she might alienate him.

"Is she willing to do that?"

Watch the memo above.

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