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On Episode 8 of Legends & Lies: The Patriots, we saw General George Washington come out of retirement to rescue a fledgling nation beset with political conflict.

With violent rebellion threatening the fragile peace between the government and the people, President Washington and the very structure of American government were put to the test.

In the clip above, see the sitting president lead troops into the field to put down the Whiskey Rebellion and defend the new federal government's authority.

Legends & Lies is narrated by executive producer Bill O'Reilly and produced by Warm Springs Productions, which is known for such programs as The History Channel’s "Mountain Men," Animal Planet’s "American River Renegades" and HGTV’s "Log Cabin Living."

Tune in Sunday, August 7, for the season finale: Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr - Deadly Division!

Three more special episodes of the hit docu-series will air in December...

Sunday, December 11: 'Forgotten Heroes'

Sunday, December 18: 'America's First Christmas'

Sunday, January 1: 'How Freedom Was Won'

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