Ingraham: 'Apparently, Hillary Can Lie With Impunity to Most People in the Press'

Perino Slams Trump Over Khan Feud: 'He's Like a Wrecking Ball of His Own Campaign'

Newt Gingrich reacted to heavy negative media coverage of Donald Trump in recent days while giving Hillary Clinton a pass for "deliberately lying" during her interview on Fox News Sunday, saying it showed a double standard.

"Anybody watching this campaign knows that at least 80 percent of the elite media is in the tank for Hillary," Gingrich said. 

"Now she's lying about 50-some thousand emails. She's lying about national security. Why shouldn't she apologize? If Donald Trump owes anybody an apology, how come Hillary doesn't owe the whole country an apology?"

Gingrich said Trump would be better off apologizing to the Khans and getting it behind him, "but he's a stubborn guy" and he has a point, which is that Khizr Khan "went to a political convention and said some very nasty things" about Trump.

"So, Trump's stubborn. But he didn't delete 33,000 emails. Trump didn't send out secret information. Trump didn't lie about the FBI. Hillary did all that stuff."

He added: "The number of things the news media could be excited by if they were willing to take this race seriously is unbelievable. But the only thing the elite media wants to do is go after Donald Trump."

Watch the commentary above.

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