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In an exclusive interview with "Fox News Sunday," Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton doubled down on her claim about Benghazi, declaring that she never said the 2012 terror attack that left four Americans dead was sparked by an anti-Muslim video.

John "Tig" Tiegen, one of the American heroes who fought in Benghazi the night of the attack, told Brian Kilmeade on "Fox and Friends" today that he's not surprised by Clinton's comments.

"She seems to misspeak and be delusional about a lot of things," Tiegen said, pointing to her infamous "sniper fire" in Bosnia gaffe.

Tiegen said that Clinton was "directly responsible" for the deaths of the Americans at Benghazi, because it was her job as secretary of state to make sure the compound was properly secured.

"Its your job to make sure all your employees are taken care of," Tiegen said. "You can't just sit behind a wall. But at least make sure that when you are behind a wall, you're adequately protected."

Is it "case-closed" on the Benghazi story now? Kilmeade asked.

"If you're a liberal, I guess," Tiegen said. "The State Department and the DoD [don't] really seem to care to know exactly what happened, how it happened, where our failures were, where our positives were."

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