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Ben Shapiro joined The Kelly File to talk about being banned from speaking at DePaul University in Chicago, the nation's largest Catholic school.

The school cited "experiences" and "security concerns" at other college campuses in forbidding the conservative commentator from giving a speech there.

Shapiro said on The Kelly File that the episode highlights how schools can't keep their own students from assaulting people who they disagree with.

"So, basically we now have the rioters' veto," he said.

Shapiro said his biggest problem is that "words are being equated with violence," simply because some unruly students protested violently to his appearance there.

"If this is how things are going to be from now on, free speech doesn't exist, because it really creates an incentive for people to get violent at protests and get violent when speakers come to make sure that people...they don't disagree with don't get to show up on campus anymore." 

Megyn Kelly agreed, saying that free speech is there to protect controversial speech.

"It's not there to protect speech everybody agrees upon and finds very flowery and lovely and rainbows and unicornsy," she said. "It's there to protect speech that may upset you, maybe somewhat incendiary, because that's the speech that needs protecting. That's actually, DePaul, what we happen to stand for as a country."

Watch the discussion above.

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