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Dr. Sebastian Gorka said on "Sunday Morning Futures" that as ISIS loses territory in the Middle East, the more likely they are to send people abroad to attack Western countries.

"They have declared war on all of us," Gorka said. "If you look at what happened in France with that Catholic priest, this is exactly what we should expect."

He noted that ISIS has already said that they want to put their operatives among the refugees flowing out of the Middle East.

Gorka said this is the "new war," a war that he does not think Hillary Clinton is prepared to fight and win.

He explained that Clinton's plan for ISIS is largely a continuation of President Obama's, pointing out that until recently she even refused to use the phrase "radical Islam."

"Her tenure as president, I think, would be as bad, if not worse, than President Obama's," Gorka said, noting that her time as secretary of state overlapped with our disastrous foreign policy in Libya and Iraq.

"I'm not confident that she can save American lives," he stated.

Gorka said that Donald Trump, on the other hand, believes we are at war, wants to win and has no time for political correctness.

"But I have yet to see the details, at least the broad outline, of what he wishes to do to defeat ISIS," Gorka said. "So that is not comforting either."

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