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Judge Jeanine Pirro said that last week's Democratic National Convention was heavy on themes of unity, inclusion and global humanity, but an uplifting message means nothing if you have a dishonest leader like Hillary Clinton.

She said that Clinton is a "consummate Washington insider," and the entire convention was carefully orchestrated political theater.

"Hillary Clinton and her husband are fundamentally dishonest," Judge Jeanine stated. "And whether or not you buy the liars' convention theme of 'stronger together,' you still have to deal with the issues confronting America."

"It's time to face reality and the ugly truth of the world we live in and how we're going to survive in it."

Watch Judge Jeanine's opening statement above and read a full transcript below.

The Democratic National Committee's convention in Philadelphia was about lovely ideas, unity, inclusion, global humanity - concepts that we're stronger together. Cue the birds singing and butterflies fluttering And that law library love story of Hillary and bull oh sorry-Hillary and bill sounds so sweet. They’re wonderful themes.

Without addressing whether you can even believe a word that comes out of Hillary’s mouth, that kumbaya stuff has absolutely nothing to do with being a leader. A leader is one who drives the economy, creates a strong national defense and is painstakingly honest. So pull your heads out of the sand and snap out of it!

A leader is someone who protects you. Sets the stage so you can make a living and feed your family. What does this kumbaya fest have to do with the crises facing Americans today?

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump talks about real issues .- Hillary says he paints a dark divisive picture of an America in decline but ask yourselves - are u better off, do you feel safer than you were before these two got into power? Is America more united than it was? Are race relations better? Is police esteem anywhere near where it was 8 years ago? It was during those Obama Clinton years that 22 veterans a day committed suicide-many not even able to make an appointment with a doctor.

Whether you like him or not, Donald Trump is hitting the core issues; asking all the right questions. Starting all the right conversations. A man willing to take on a political correctness that is destroying this nation.

Do illegal immigrants coming across the border include criminals?

After 60 years, is NATO an organization simply in search of a mission?

How do we stop Isis and radical Islam in our homeland?

But instead of giving him credit, we denounce him. So who are you gonna believe? The one who says she has the best of intentions and a heart of gold? Don’t be so naive - so does a hard-boiled egg.

The last night of the Democratic convention was all theater- political theater

Even Hillary’s video was Hollywood-orchestrated - by Shonda Rhimes, who ironically writes the TV hit scandal - about a president having an affair while in the white house!

And while the theater of flag waving was going on inside the convention center,

The American flag was being burned outside as Mexican and Palestinian flags were being waved.

Hillary, the consummate Washington insider, tells us she will be our savior.

Didn't Obama already do that? I still haven’t met one person who got a shovel ready job.

And then the next day:

All good except we can’t believe a word of your promise. You said the same thing in 2000 when you ran for senator from New York promising 200,000 jobs to upstate New York, including farmers suffering from a defeated economy. Not only did you not deliver any of those 200 thousand jobs, NY suffered a net loss of 63 hundred jobs.

Hillary and "make the economy work for not just those at the top"? Aren’t you at the top? You take your money - obscene amounts - from Wall St.

How did you go from dead broke to being worth more than 200 million dollars while in government? And how about that tax free alleged 501c3 Clinton family foundation that’s gotten more than 2 billion dollars since you've been in office - that charitable organization where it’s estimated that 85% of expenses are for travel meals and hotels, for many x Clinton operatives leaving 15 % for charities? And I’m not even going to discuss the human rights hating countries that gave you that money and what they got in return from you. But since more than 60% of

Americans don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth anyway, let's move on to someone else.

General Allen - you got to love that kick ass marine drill sergeant barking at the convention-

Say what? Did she lose those instruments when her ambassador and the men in Benghazi needed help? It was her use of American power as secretary of state that started the disaster in Libya culminating in Benghazi.

It was while she was in charge of our foreign policy that the JV team Isis barreled through Iraq and has since arrived on our homeland. It was under her leadership that the whole Middle East went into flames.

General - were you part of the discussion that led to our early withdrawal from Iraq?

Do you support the rules of engagement that tie our soldiers’ hands behind their backs in Afghanistan?

And while we’re at it, you talk about our "precious Muslims" did you make one peep about our veterans dying waiting to see a dr at the veterans administration? Did you object to the sequester - the reduction of our armed forces? With all due respect, general, you belittled yourself. And how about the rest of the convention? I get that we're stronger together but do you really think it's a good idea to showcase those who came here illegally at a national presidential convention of illegals?

And to showcase the mothers whose sons were killed in law enforcement confrontations? Not the least of which was Michael brown-a thug who had just committed a strong armed robbery and reached for a cop's gun. And during the hard fought for moment of silence for cops killed by African Americans - the chants of black lives matter that disrespected the silence.

Hillary Clinton and her husband are fundamentally dishonest and whether or not you buy the liars' convention theme of "stronger together," you still have to deal with the issues confronting America.

So let's get rid of the birds chirping and the long white flowery skirt. It's all political theater folks with lip service to themes of unity and oneness.

Just to prove my point the woman who jeopardized our national security had her emails hacked again.

And for all you women out there who think that electing a female president will lift us all up-just ask yourselves if electing an African American president lifted up the blacks in this country.

It's time to face reality and the ugly truth of the world we live in and how we're going to survive in it.

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