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Hillary Clinton joined Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday" for her first interview since officially becoming the Democratic presidential nominee.

Wallace noted that Clinton has declared that Donald Trump is "unfit to be president," asking her why the election is so close if the Republican nominee is so unprepared to be commander-in-chief.

"Too many Americans feel, Chris, like they've been left out and left behind by our economy, by our government ... And they are looking for answers," Clinton said, asserting that's why Trump's inflammatory rhetoric has struck a chord.

'"Blame somebody, blame immigrants, blame Muslims, blame women, blame somebody' is attractive, in the first instance, to people who are looking for answers," she said.

She added, however, that Trump has offered nothing to help people, while she has an agenda to increase jobs, increase incomes, and make the economy grow and be more fair.

"I think what I'm offering are proven results. I think what I'm offering is that we can build on where we are. We dug ourselves out. We're standing, but we're not yet running. I'm not happy with the status quo."

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