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On "Hannity" last night, Sheriff David Clarke said the Democratic Party has abandoned the middle class in favor of "lunatic fringe" groups like Black Lives Matter.

Noting that anti-police DNC protesters acted aggressively toward law enforcement and shouts of "Black Lives Matters!" interrupted a moment of silence for fallen officers, Clarke said that Democrats are enabling this "hateful ideology."

"These are slimy, slimy people," Clarke said of Black Lives Matter activists. "They reinforce my thesis that this is a hateful ideology, a dangerous ideology. It needs to be opposed wherever it is."

Clarke said the difference in tone between the Republican and Democratic conventions was striking, which could bode well for the GOP in the general election.

He explained that independent voters are getting tired of the divisive "nonsense" of Black Lives Matter and similar groups, which could motivate them to support the "law and order candidate," Donald Trump.

"Mrs. Bill Clinton's going to have to rely on the media to not cover the slime and the filth coming out of this very destructive, hateful ideology."

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