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At the Democratic National Convention, retired four star Gen. John Allen, Medal of Honor recipient Florent Groberg and other veterans were heckled by the crowd with boos and chants of "no more war!"

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer thinks this lack of appreciation for the U.S. military is "typical of modern liberals."

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Meyer said that many on the left don't understand the importance of fighting our enemies abroad to keep our homeland safe and they don't understand the enormous sacrifices our service members make.

"They want Black Lives Matter or these lives matter," Meyer said. "In America, all lives matter. To the enemy that those men have been fighting and have been protecting – no lives matter."

He said that the displays of disrespect at the DNC, such as some delegates turning their backs on America's heroes, is absolutely outrageous.

"I bet you anything that that wouldn’t have happened at the RNC," Meyer said.

He added that we deserve a president who understands that America is a beacon of hope across the world.

"We need a leader that's going to go in there and portray that."

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