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The Internal Revenue Service is looking into the Clinton Foundation after dozens of Republican lawmakers requested a review of potential “criminal conduct” at the organization. reported that the IRS is investigating alleged “pay-to-play” practices at the foundation, specifically inconsistencies with the foundation’s initial 501(c)(3) filing, the sale of a company called Uranium One, and the Clintons’ ties with Laureate International Universities.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, Peter Schweizer, author of "Clinton Cash," explained that the gist of the GOP lawmakers' complaint is that those who made large contributions to the foundation received favors from Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state.

"There are international anti-bribery standards that say bribing a public official can mean giving them money, giving their family money or giving their charity money," Schweizer said. "Just because it's a charity doesn't mean it's not important or not interesting. It's constitutes bribery every bit as much as if somebody's putting money in somebody's pocket for a benefit."

Schweizer also revealed that the Clintons still have not disclosed more than 1,100 foreign sources who contributed to the Clinton Foundation.

He added that he's doubtful, however, that the IRS will actually carry out a legitimate investigation, for political reasons.

"There's real questions about the political motivations of the IRS," Schweizer explained. "The IRS is looking at this because essentially they have to. 60 members of Congress have said, 'We want you to look into this.' That doesn't mean they're going to do a thorough, aggressive or fair job."

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