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Mike Huckabee appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning to react to the news that Hillary Clinton’s campaign computers have been hacked.

This disturbing revelation comes right after top officials at the Democratic National Committee were also hacked.

"What is it with Democrats and their inability to deal with the simplest technology of emails?" Huckabee wondered. "You'd think that they could do a little bit better in security."

Huckabee pointed out that the Democratic Party has the support of some of the greatest technology companies in the world, including Facebook, Apple, Google, but it hasn't seemed to help.

The former Arkansas governor said this is all the more reason that Democrats cannot be trusted with the White House and national security.

"They can't even handle the simplest of emails," Huckabee stated. "One of the most important aspects of national security is cybersecurity."

"It does seem like every time you turn around, either the DNC's been hacked or Hillary's been hacked. Nobody's, to my knowledge, hacked Donald Trump just yet," Huckabee said. "If they can't control their own email, maybe they shouldn't be controlling the state secrets of the United States."

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