(WARNING: Strong language)

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Hillary Clinton should embrace the "evil, cartoon version" of herself that's often portrayed by the media, Bill Maher said on "Real Time" last night.

Maher said that "sweet grandma Hillary" might have worked in 2008, but voters in this election are not looking for steady leadership.

“They're pitchfork angry, and they don’t want America’s nicest grandma,” Maher said. “They want the wolf with bits of grandma in its teeth.”

He said that Hillary should embrace all the negative and nasty things that are said about her and run as "the Notorious H.R.C."

"For a quarter of a century, Republicans have been creating this incredible supervillain named Hillary Clinton," Maher said.

If she's going to be portrayed as a murderer, a traitor and a criminal mastermind, she might as well roll with it, Maher suggested.

Watch Maher's hilarious "New Rule" segment above (WARNING: Strong language).

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