UPDATE 4:52: A second suspect was arrested in the shooting of two officers after an hours long standoff.

The arrest comes after SWAT teams surrounded a house in San Diegotoday  where a second potential suspect was believed to be holed up.

One suspect was taken into custody at the scene of the shooting last nighthaving suffered a gunshot wound. He was described as a young Hispanic adult.

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The San Diego officer who was murdered Thursday night has been identified as Jonathan “JD” DeGuzman.

Chief Shelley Zimmerman said DeGuzman was a husband, father of two, and a 16-year police veteran.

The officer who was shot and injured was identified as Wade Irwin. He' s a 9-year veteran of the police force.

Zimmerman said the two gang suppression officers reported they were making the stop shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday and almost immediately radioed for emergency cover. 

Responding officers put one of the wounded officers into a patrol car and rushed off to a hospital but efforts to save him failed.

Zimmerman said police are hopeful Irwin will survive. He underwent surgery this morning.

Thirty-three officers have now been shot dead in the first seven months of 2016.

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