An NYPD sergeant who founded Blue Lives Matter NYC reacted this morning to the overnight shooting of two San Diego police officers, which left one officer dead and another injured.

Joe Imperatrice said the attacks on police in recent weeks have put many officers on edge.

"You're definitely walking around with eyes in the back of your head," he said. "Because it's not just whether you're on duty or off duty anymore, you're a target 24 hours a day right now. It's kind of a sad place. Even being at home -- a lot of guys are paranoid."

Imperatrice said that he doesn't think the public realizes that officers face the possibility of losing their lives every day that they go to work.

"It's sad, because it seems like every single day something is coming up in the news. And what people don’t realize is every time something like this happen,s it takes people back who have actually lost a family member in the line of duty."

He continued: "It's almost like a scab, that it finally heals to a certain extent but it’s always open. You’re always going to be left with a scar. And it’s really not an easy time for police."

Watch the interview above.