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Newt Gingrich appeared on "Hannity" tonight to react to Hillary Clinton's big speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Gingrich said that Clinton delivered a serviceable, "workmanlike" speech, but she faces a big problem: Things in the country are not going well.

He said from home ownership numbers to the national debt to the threat of terrorism, Clinton and the Democratic Party can't discuss their accomplishments, because America is not in a good place.

Gingrich said that the DNC hopeful, optimistic DNC speeches didn't the reflect the reality that many Americans face, explaining that's why Donald Trump has a great chance in November.

"If Trump can simply get across that he is a reasonable alternative if you're unhappy, he will win in a landslide," Gingrich said.

He pointed out that three in four Americans are not satisfied with the direction of the country, according to polls.

Gingrich said that if Trump plays his cards right, he could put together an "enormous coalition."

"If Trump comes in and he continues to hammer away, he will gradually build a momentum that will make October a very good time to be a Republican." 

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