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A man fought off two armed carjackers with nothing but a power washer, and it was all caught on dashcam.

Michael Davis was hosing off his new car at a drive-in car wash in Shreveport, Louisiana, early Wednesday morning when he saw a man approaching. He told the man he didn't have any money. When he turned around, another man was standing pointing a gun at him.

He immediately took action using the only weapon he had: the power washer in his hands. He delivered a high-powered blast of H2O right in the robber's face.

When the other man quickly came up to take a blow at Davis, he sprayed him, too, then swung sprayer at him.

"The whole situation was almost surreal," Davis told a reporter.

He said he was worried what would happen if he allowed himself to become a victim, noting that his disabled brother was sitting in the passenger seat.

"I wasn't gonna give up my car or my money to some little thug like that. There was just no way."

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