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Here's a sweet photo that's making the rounds and we think you'll love it. 

An Air Force service member from Minnesota - too pregnant to reach her feet - captured the loving moment that her husband helped her put on her combat boots.

She said he's been doing this for a month so she could keep wearing her uniform with pride.

Miranda Silewski Warren wrote: 

I'm active duty Air Force, and I'm too pregnant to reach my feet anymore, which at the time was a stressful thing to realize. So, without asking, my loving husband decided to help me put on, and take off my combat boots everyday for the last month so that I can still wear my full uniform with pride. Love can be big romantic gestures, or the day to day caring that often goes unseen, but I've never felt more loved than by someone making small daily sacrifices just to help me feel human again.

What a guy! 

(h/t Love What Matters Facebook)

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