Watters Gets Caught Up in the 'Pokemon Go' Craze

Ted Cruz's RNC Speech Gets the 'Bad Lip Reading' Treatment

A Borderless Planet?! Watters Talks to DNC Protesters About Immigration

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Can people at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia name one good thing about Donald Trump?

Jesse Watters hit the streets of The City of Brotherly Love to find out, and the answers may surprise you (or not).

Don't miss the next "Watters' World" monthly special on Saturday night at 8:00 ET: you'll get to see what happened to Watters at the RNC and DNC. Jesse sat down with the Southern pastor who electrified the crowd in Cleveland, proclaiming that "All Lives Matter." Jesse challenged Democratic strategists to make the case for Hillary Clinton to be our next president. And there was a history quiz at a Justin Bieber concert (uh oh). It may make you laugh, it may even make you cry, but we’ll definitely get America talking!

Can you name one good thing about Trump?

One good thing...

He wants to defeat ISIS. Don't you want to defeat ISIS?

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