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An amazing moment occurred during a routine traffic stop in Georgia and thanks to an officer's dash-camera, it's now going viral. 

Heard County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Wiggins pulled a vehicle over for running a stop sign, notifying the man that he'd be giving him a warning. 

As he approached the offending vehicle, a second vehicle stopped as well and a man started to approach Wiggins.

Wiggins, unsure of why the man was there, said he placed his hand on his gun to be safe. 

But the man meant no harm and was actually the father of the man who had been stopped. He said that they had been visiting his father who was hospitalized after a stroke.

The man shook the officer's hand, said he appreciated "all that you do for us" and then asked Wiggins to join him in prayer. 

After the prayer, the two men then shared a hug and went on their way. Wiggins said he got choked up by the powerful moment and wanted to make sure people could see it. 

"It’s a point in time in the world where everything’s not going good and anytime anyone does something like that, and you’re not expecting, it's going to catch you off guard. And make you emotional, I don’t care who you are," he said.

Watch the video above and read more from FOX 5 Atlanta.

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