Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine introduced himself at the Democratic National Convention and formally accepted his party's nomination to be vice president. 

Today, for my wife Anne and every strong woman in this country; for Nat, Woody, and Annella, and every young person starting out in life to make their own dreams real; for every man and woman serving in our military, at home and abroad; for every family working hard to get ahead and stay ahead; for my parents and in-laws and every senior citizen who hopes for a dignified retirement with health care and research to end diseases like Alzheimer's; for every person who wants America to be a beloved community, where people aren't demeaned because of who they are, but rather respected for their contributions to this nation; for all of us who know the brightest future for our country is the one we build together; and for my friend Hillary Clinton, I humbly accept my party's nomination to be Vice President of the United States."

The Virginia senator, who was born in Minnesota and grew up in Kansas City, talked about his background and his faith. He said that he knew he wanted to fight for social justice as a result of the faith instilled while he was a student at a Jesuit boys school whose motto was "men for others."

He said that his wife Anne's father is still a Republican, "but voting for a lot of Democrats these days."

"Because any party that would nominate Donald Trump for president has moved too far away from his party of Lincoln. And if any of you are looking for that party of Lincoln, we've got a home for you right here in the Democratic Party."

Kaine said that he trusts Hillary Clinton with the life of his son, who was deployed with the Marines two days ago.

"You know who I don't trust? Donald Trump. The guy promises a lot. But you might have noticed, he has a habit of saying the same two words right after he makes his biggest promises. You guys know the words I mean? 'Believe me.'"

He then busted out his best Trump impression, in a moment that got people talking on social media.

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