Donald Trump held a long news conference from his resort in Doral, Florida, this morning, taking numerous questions from reporters. 

He started by pointing out how many news conferences he has had during his campaign compared to Hillary Clinton. 

Trump called it a "deflection" for Democrats to claim that Russia hacked the DNC emails in order to help him.

He said that if Russia did hack the emails, they should next try to find Clinton's 33,000 missing emails. 

Trump lamented the problems with Islamic terrorism in Europe, saying that "France is no longer France" and criticizing Clinton for supporting bringing more refugees into the U.S. from Syria. 

Trump questioned whether things will really change with Clinton in office, as former President Bill Clinton argued last night in his DNC address.

He repeated that he will release his tax returns once an audit is completed. Trump argued that he has also released 104 pages of financial documents.

Responding to the news that charges were dropped against six Baltimore police officers, Trump said Marilyn Mosby - who brought the cases - should "prosecute herself."

Trump criticized Bill Clinton for leaving out the "most interesting chapter" from his speech at the DNC. 

He emphatically stated that he never asked John Kasich to be his running mate. 

Trump told NBC reporter Katy Tur to "be quiet" at one point after she tried to interject while he answered her question. 

"Be quiet. I know you want to save her," he said.

He mentioned ObamaCare being a "disaster," and said new numbers on ObamaCare are scheduled to be released November 1. 

Trump said President Obama wants to delay the release of the numbers right before the election. 

"I just ask the press: don't let him do that. ObamaCare is a disaster. People are dying with it," said Trump.

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