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A Georgia woman live-streamed video (watch below) as she berated and assaulted her teenage daughter as punishment. 

The video popped up on the Facebook page of Nia Green, 16, whose mother, Shanavia Miller, was apparently upset at sexual photos that the teen had posted on social media.

"I’mma need you to make this viral, please, share this. Because I’m not done," the woman stated, after screaming at her daughter that she is "nasty as hell." 

The person filming the beating was urged to bring the camera closer at one point as Miller punched Green in the face. 

With her daughter sobbing in the background, Miller then grabbed the phone and filmed herself as she fixed her hair and implored people to share the video. 

"I'm not done. More to come," she ended. 

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The five-minute video has generated fierce debate online, with some applauding the tough discipline and others expressing shock and dismay. 

The video has since been deleted from the girl's Facebook page, but not before it was preserved on YouTube and elsewhere. 

Police in Savannah investigated after receiving numerous calls, but reportedly did not file charges, referring the case to the Department of Children and Family Services.

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