The Democratic National Convention presented speeches last night from the mothers of African-Americans killed by police or in other violent incidents, including Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

The speaking schedule was harshly criticized, including by a local police union, which called out Hillary Clinton for not also inviting widows of fallen officers.

Radio host Kevin Jackson argued last night that inviting the mother of Michael Brown was a "slap in the face" to American police officers, recalling that Brown attacked a Ferguson, Missouri police officer.

On Outnumbered today, Tucker Carlson accused Democrats of using police shootings as a wedge issue to drive up the turnout for Clinton. 

He argued that yearly Justice Department statistics disprove the notion that the biggest threat to a young black man is a police officer. 

"It's just factually true. ... It's inconvenient for them to admit it because they're trying to use racial demagoguery to mobilize voters. Let's be honest, this is what this is," he said. 

Democrat Julie Roginsky said the DNC missed an opportunity to put forth a message of unity. She said widows of fallen officers could have joined the Mothers of the Movement onstage or appeared immediately afterwards.

Carlson pointed out that Bill Clinton ran for president on a strong anti-crime and pro-jobs platform, while Democrats are now running on things like "transgender bathrooms and global warming."

"Those are not core issues for average people. They're elite issues that only rich people care about," he said.

Watch the full discussion above.


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