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Bystanders captured on cell phone video a wild brawl between two apparently drunk men on a rental boat.

It all went down Saturday during a charity regatta on the Choptank River in Maryland. A woman who was operating a safety boat for the race noticed a small rental boat being operated unsafely in the path of the sailboat racers.

Daryl Newhouse wrote on Facebook:

They ignored our hailing and we started to follow them because they were operating so unsafely and appeared very drunk. Madness ensued and of course no DNR or Coast Guards were anywhere in the area. I seriously worried one of them was going overboard. They did over $3000 damage to their rental boat from the Hyatt resort rental concession.

Women on the rental boat screamed frantically for the rowdy men to stop, as the stumbling combatants came dangerously close to falling overboard.

The people on the safety were concerned that someone on the boat would fall overboard, noting that they were not wearing life jackets.

A man off-camera on the safety boat can be heard calling authorities as the melee goes on for a few minutes. 

At one point, a piece of the boat appeared to break off and one of the men used it to hit the other. 

Another video from Newhouse captured one of the men yelling expletives at her as she tried to get them off the race course.

Charges are reportedly pending against one of the men after the state's Natural Resources Police responded to the scene.

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