Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of lying "about everything," telling Sean Hannity that he believes the American people are "wise to her now." 

"She's been a liar since Day 1," he said, calling out Clinton for claiming she wasn't following what was going on with the DNC email leak. 

He said that Bernie Sanders seems "exhausted" at this point and that his voters like what they hear from Trump on trade reform.

"It was a rigged system. Bernie never had a chance," said Trump, adding that Sanders could have "left a legacy" by fighting Clinton's nomination at the convention.

Trump called Tim Kaine "the worst person" Clinton could have chosen for her VP, arguing that Kaine supports allowing thousands more refugees in from Syria and the approval of more "disastrous" trade deals. 

Watch the full interview below and hear from Trump tonight at 8:00 ET on The Factor.

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